Resources and links

Here are a few links you may find useful about veganism/campaigns 🙂


Gloucestershire Vegans / A regional group

Gloucestershire Vegans / Facebook

Eat out vegan in Gloucestershire / Facebook

Cheltenham Vegan/Vegetarian Meetups / Facebook

Gloucestershire Vegan Families Meetup

Local Activist Groups : Vegan/Wildlife/Environmental etc.:

Gloucestershire Animal Save

Gloucestershire Activist Network (Currently on maternity leave!)

Gloucestershire Badger Office

3 Counties Hunt Sabs

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS)

North Cotswold Against The Cull

Forest Of Dean Wild Boar Sabs

Gloucestershire Animal Action (Run by activists from different groups – Resource page)



National Campaigns:



-Great resource for helping you to transition to veganism


Vegans international voice for animals. Great vegan resource. You can also order vegan campaigning flyers from here 🙂

The Vegan Society

Vegan resources, factsheets. Also look for The Vegan Society logo on vegan products.

Animal Aid

Animal rights and veganism campaigns. You can order flyers and download factsheets for most of the campaigns.